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Welcome to the Child and Family Law Clinic



The Child and Family Law Clinic is a working law office in which law students, working in multi-disciplinary teams, represent children in child protection proceedings and adult victims of domestic violence.


The Child & Family Law Clinic is committed to providing a quality, supervised, multi-disciplinary learning environment for law students and masters of social work interns. The Clinic is dedicated to representing, with integrity, the interests of children and adult victims involved with the justice system. Students seek to empower clients by encouraging their active participation, when safe, at every stage of the legal process.


Watch Clinic students' video about the Pima Family Drug Court


The Child and Family Law Clinic has four main goals for its law students:


(1) Enhancing Lawyer Skills. Through practical experience in the field and in classroom simulations, we help law students develop their skills and learn a little about the law. Students interview clients and witnesses; investigate facts; research the law; write motions and court reports; negotiate with other lawyers; work collaboratively with social work students; and stand up and advocate in a real courtroom.

(2) Learning how to learn from experience. In addition to cultivating lawyer skills, the Clinic helps students begin to master the lifelong skill of learning from experience - not only about the law, but also about themselves. We hope that the Clinic can help students help themselves to become reflective lawyers - that is lawyers who are not only highly skilled professionals, but who also care about the quality of the justice, ethics, and morality of the profession.

(3) Developing good lawyer judgment. In the process of (1) and (2) and drawing on lessons from all other law school classes, law student’s sense of lawyer judgment will develop and mature. By “lawyer judgment” we mean making the kinds of ethical and practical decisions that lawyers are asked to make regardless of their area of practice.

(4) Delivering high quality legal services. Finally, we expect the Child and Family Law Clinic to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients. Our clients deserve nothing less.



Updated: 04/21/2015