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Therapeutic Jurisprudence(TJ) concentrates on the law's impact on emotional life and psychological well-being. It is a perspective that regards the law (rules of law, legal procedures, and roles of legal actors) itself as a social force that often produces therapeutic or anti-therapeutic consequences. It does not suggest that therapeutic concerns are more important than other consequences or factors, but it does suggest that the law's role as a potential therapeutic agent should be recognized and systematically studied. For an overview of Therapeutic Jurisprudence click here.

We also have a short video introducing TJ.

Or, for a national public radio program explaining therapeutic jurisprudence(TJ), click here.

The principal purpose of the present page is to maintain and make accessible an extensive TJ Bibliography. This bibliography is searchable by keyword, subject, author, country, or language and has links to online copies of many of the articles listed. To access the bibliography, click here.

We maintain a useful TJ listserv with an international membership that may be joined by sending a BLANK email to

There is also an important ongoing international project to "mainsteam" TJ. This would apply TJ's practices and principles in "ordinary courts" (especially the criminal, juvenile, and family area), rather than only in special "problem-solving"or "solution-focused" courts, such as drug treatment courts and mental health courts. The mainstreaming project, called "Integrating the Healing Approach to Criminal Law," is part of the Innovating Justice platform of HiiL (the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law). The TJ Mainstreaming Project is now principally propelled by a steering committee and international advisory group conveying information by the Blog at

The above resources provide an overview and offer opportunities to learn of current TJ activities. Please join our active discussion on either the email list, our group on LinkedIn, or Facebook group for ongoing information about new articles, conferences and TJ programs.